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the woco shake bar

Vanilla favorites

-slimmin shimmin

-now that's a peach


-tootie fruity

-purple people eater

-berry blast

-tropical twist

-banana bonita

strawberries & spinach

peach, mango & strawberries

peanut butter & strawberries

banana, strawberries &blueberries

banana & blueberries

triple berry blend & guava

mango, pineapple, banana & guava

banana, pineapple & coconut

build your own

step 1: vanilla or chocolate

step 2: regular or extra protein


Extra Protein

Step 3: pick your flavors




-peanut butter







step 4: pick your add in

-multi-vitamin blend

-glutamine blend

-creatine blend

-fat burning blend

-energy blend

Protein    Carbs     Fat    Cals

Protein    Carbs     Fat    Cals

26         19         4      200

42          22         6       290

*pick up to 3 flavors

*extra 25 cents for each add in

chocolate favorites

-cookie monster

-no bake cookie

-thin mint

-candy bar craving

-chunky monkey


-peanut butter banana split

oreos & chocolate

oatmeal & caramel

oreos & chocolate mint

chocolate & peanut butter

banana & chocolate

peanut butter, banana & caramel

strawberries, bananas & peanut butter

regular shake: $5.00

Extra Protein shake: $5.50